So. California Poker

Joe O.
Name: Joe O.

Location: Yorba Linda, CA

Marital Status: Married

Children: 0

Started Playing Poker: October 2003

Favorite Poker Game: Razz

Ambition: A Bracelet Baby!

Hobbies: Poker, Bicycling, Soccer.

Favorite Movie: A Few Good Men

Favorite TV Show: High Stakes Poker.

Favorite Music: Classic Rock.

Favorite Place: Maui.

Favorite Celebrity: N/A

Favorite Drink: Newcastle Brown Ale.
Poker Players I Respect Most: Quiet ones.

Favorite Poker Player: Myself.

If I could change anything in the world: I would bring the troops back from Iraq.

If I could change anything in the poker world: Education of players about the meaning behind certain rules, i.e. being able to see all hands in a showdown and asking for a deck change. There are purposes for these rules and they are often times, if not always, abused. Asking to see all hands at a showdown is to expose players who may be colluding to push other players out of a pot. This is not a rule in order for players to gather information or see if they “would have won.” Deck changes are allowed for players who believe that a deck has been tampered with or damaged. This rule is not in place for someone wanting a change in “luck.”

Pet peeve of Poker: When a player won’t show his/her cards in a showdown until all other players show first. It slows down the game and makes no difference in the outcome of the hand.

Favorite Place to play poker: Hawaiian Gardens Casino.

Player you would most like to be heads up with in a big tournament: Phil Helmuth, so I could shut his ass up.

Favorite Online poker site: Full Tilt Poker.

Favorite Poker Book: The Tao of Poker. "
Joe “Dr. Smooth” O. is a tight player. He is always playing the odds and when he goes into a pot, he is usually the favorite. This is Joe’s first year with and he has made it a good one. Joe has been one of the top players for 2007 and we think he will always be a player that does well. Joe started his poker playing online, but has adapted to the live game quite well. You can expect to see Joe at the 2007 WSOP and you might even see him at a final table.
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