So. California Poker

Jack Converse

Name:  Jack “riverholic” Converse

Location:  Yorba Linda

Marital Status: Married

Children: 1 girl

Started Playing Poker:  2005

Favorite Poker Game: NLHE

Ambition:  Win a bracelet

Hobbies:  Poker and Hockey

Favorite Movie:  Can’t pick one, but Back to the future is my favorite Trilogy

 Favorite TV Show:  Prison Break

Favorite Music: 80’s

Favorite Place:  Lake Powell

Favorite Celebrity:  Chris Moneymaker

 Favorite Drink:  B-52

Poker Players I Respect Most:  Howard Lederer, Phil Gordon, Dan Harrington and that blind guy

 Favorite Poker Player:  Phil Gordon

 If I could change anything in the world:  We’d all just get along

 If I could change anything in the poker world:  Jacks would be better than Aces

 Pet peeve of Poker:  When players blame the dealer for their bad beat

 Favorite Place to play poker:  The WSOP of course & My Monday Night Game ‘cause it’s fun taking down $2000 pots

 Player you would most like to be heads up with in a big tournament:  Phil Gordon or someone I can beat

 Favorite Online poker site:  Full Tilt

 Favorite Poker Book:  Gordon’s Little Green Book

Probably about 12-15 years ago, Jack played poker in a casino two different times.  Both times he won money, and both times he had no idea what he was doing or even what game he was playing (it was probably Hold’em).  He decided to “quit when he was ahead” and stick to Blackjack. 

 Then Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event.  During 2004, he spent some time playing Hold’em, but mainly just to figure out what beats what and how the game is dealt.  Started playing for real in 2005 and played in my first and only WSOP event in 2006.  He usually plays No-limit Hold’em but he also like playing limit and Omaha.  Oh, yeah, and Blind Man’s Bluff.

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