So. California Poker

David Charette

Name: David Charette

Location: Lake Forest

Marital Status: Married

Children: 2 daughters, 1 step daughter

Started Playing Poker: As a kid with my Dad

Favorite Poker Game: HA (Hold'em Limit / Omaha Hi)

Ambition: To retire, play poker and brew beer

Hobbies: Playing poker, riding my Harley

Favorite Movie: 3 O'clock High

Favorite TV Show: Rules of Engagement 

Favorite Music: Changes Daily

Favorite Place
On a tropical beach with a cocktail

Favorite Celebrity: Al Pacino

Favorite Drink: My home brew beer

Poker Players I Respect Most: Players that know what they're doing

Favorite Poker Player: Daniel Negreanu

If I could change anything in the world: Who am I Miss America?

If I could change anything in the poker world: I would win more

Pet peeve of Poker: People talking too much that are not in the hand

Favorite Place to play poker: All I can say is that I miss the dungeon 

Player you would most like to be heads up with in a big tournament: Anyone worse than me

Favorite Online poker site: Full Tilt (Xattt00)

Favorite Poker Book: Phil Gordon’s “Little Green Book”


David “Heads Up” Charette has a tight aggressive style that seems to suit him perfectly. David played in the 2006 WSOP and said it was a great learning experience. In addition, he is planning to participate in the 2007 WSOP. David finished third in the 2006 Laughlin Poker Run. David cashed in two of the three tournaments that he played in Laughlin. His goal is to play more tournament poker and to someday win a bracelet.
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