So. California Poker

About Us started with a group of 10 friends from Orange County, California wanting a creative way to turn their monthly poker games into something more meaningful. They felt that the average small limit home game they were used to was no longer enough to get their blood flowing. When discussing what changes needed to be made to their game, it was evident that The World Series of Poker (WSOP) was the ultimate goal of each individual player. These 10 friends turned their monthly home game into a year long tournament with points, payouts, and 3 seats into the $1,500 WSOP No-Limit Hold ‘Em event.

After one season of play, one confusing point system, and one trip to the WSOP, it was evident that with the complex design of the tournament, a tracking system was needed in order to keep each player informed of the payout structure and their current ranking. Although all 10 men hail from Orange County, they were not all in direct contact with each other on a daily or even weekly basis. There was often times confusion about where someone placed in a previous tournament and the amount of points assigned to certain finishes. This was the moment that an all encompassing website was created to stop the frantic emailing and confusion. Instead of responding to emails from the other 9 players about standings and payouts, President Bill Meyer would be able to post results and other information on the website for the players to view at any time of the day.

Now finishing the second season with a few minor tweaks and the replacement of two original players, the poker club is setting out to show the poker world that these home-gamers are for real and they are going to make a real splash in the 2007 WSOP

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